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The TM technique
provides caregivers
with a much needed aid
for promoting clarity of
thinking and resiliency
under pressure while
overcoming chronic
stress and fatigue.


Powerful Support for Our Veterans’ Families

The TM technique provides caregiving families with a powerful tool for relieving stress, recharging their energy, and maintaining clear thinking and planning:


Increased physical relaxation and quicker recovery from stress
(see Resiliency to Stress)


Improved efficiency


Greater mobilization of brain resources (see Peak Performance)


Increased intelligence and creativity


Reduced anxiety (see Emotional Health)


Increased tolerance (see Social Health)

Watch the Video

“When my son learned TM, he changed his way of thinking. He
started appreciating his life. He’s thinking about the future. He’s
respecting himself—loving himself. Thanks to TM, he’s not
drinking. He’s happy. That is the boy I raised. TM saved his life.”
—Julia George, mother of an OIF veteran