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Operation Warrior Wellness is dedicated
to facilitating the development of a new generation of warriors who are capable of thriving in the most challenging circumstances.



Operation Warrior Wellness is committed to providing the “best in class” meditation-based therapies to veterans and military personnel and their families.


The Operation’s threefold mission includes:


Veterans: Providing a Transcendental Meditation–based treatment to veterans and service personnel suffering from PTS


Active-duty military: Offering a TM-based Resilient Warrior Program to active duty military and cadets


Families: Providing a TM-based prevention-oriented modality to support families of veterans and soldiers who suffer from PTS

Our initial goal is to provide TM to 10,000 veterans, active-duty military and their families within the next two years.

“It’s so good that we have Operation Warrior Wellness.
For sure, TM is a stress buster—a traumatic-stress buster.
And when these soldiers get this simple, effortless technique,
they’re going to get their lives back again. It’s not hocus-pocus.”
David Lynch, American filmmaker and philanthropist