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Operation Warrior
Wellness is bringing
the stress-reducing
Meditation technique
to 10,000 veterans
and their families
with PTSD.

  • Operation Warrior Wellness
    Creates Resilient Warriors

    This field-tested Transcendental Meditation-based approach provides the key missing component in any comprehensive, integrated
    program for promoting soldier resiliency and well-being. more
  • Delivers Relief from PTS

    OEF/OIF veterans who practiced the TM technique showed a 50
    percent reduction in symptoms of post-traumatic stress
    (PTS) after 8 weeks, according to a recent study published in
    the peer-reviewed journal Military Medicine. more
  • Empowers Veterans’ Families

    The need: 50 percent of caregivers are forced to leave their jobs
    to focus on demands at home, according to the “Caregivers of
    Veterans: Serving on the American Homefront” survey. more
  • An Evidence-based Approach

    More than 340 peer-reviewed studies, including research funded
    by $26 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health,
    document the effectiveness of the TM technique for relieving
    stress and stress-related disorders. more
Healing the Hidden Wounds of War The Resilent Warrior

“It has been said that the only warriors who do not suffer
after being in combat are those who were killed. I cannot
attest to that for all battle-tested warriors but I certainly
can for one—me.”—WWII fighter pilot Jerry Yellin

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